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Consultant Physicist

studied for his BSc in physics at Queen Elizabeth College, London. His MPhil was also taken at Queen Elizabeth College and involved research into the properties of aqueous biological solutions at radio and microwave frequencies.

His first medical physics post began in 1974 at King's College Hospital as assistant to the Regional Radiation Protection Adviser. The work covered all aspects of radiological protection including radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, unsealed sources and non-ionising radiations but was particularly concerned with diagnostic radiology. Additionally, he was able to gain considerable experience in nuclear medicine physics and radiotherapy physics.

While working at King's, he was able to study for an MSc in radiation physics at St Bartholomew's and the Middlesex Hospitals. His dissertation covered the biological effects and health hazards of microwave radiation.

Chris was the first member of the KCARE staff to be appointed, joining as senior physicist in January 1979, 10 months before the centre was officially opened. He is now the Consultant Physicist and heads the team of five clinical scientists.

Through his work at KCARE, Chris has become both a nationally and internationally recognised expert in many areas of diagnostic radiology physics. He sits on a number of committees and working parties and has prepared or contributed to a wide range of publications, guidance notes, standards documents, etc.

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Principal Physicist

graduated from Aberdeen University with a BSc in Physics and MSc in Medical Physics. He has worked in several places since, including as a research assistant in Aberdeen University measuring Radon levels around the Grampian Region. He worked for 4 years each in Inverness and Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital working in radiation protection, where he gained knowledge in planning for radiation incidents, radionuclides, ultraviolet and of course radiology.

began working in KCARE in the beginning of 2000. He has since established the evaluation of digital detectors.



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