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KCARE News: September 2006


Ian Honey is on secondment to the Medical Physics Department at Christchurch Hospital, Canterbury, New Zealand. We wish him well and hope to see him sometime in 2008!

Congratulations to Ana Pascoal who was awarded her PhD on January 15th 2007!

Helen Cole is now on secondment to CEP as the Imaging Cluster Manager. We wish her well in her new post.

From MHRA: MEIGaN - Medical Electrical Installation Guidance Notes.

This document is intended to be used by healthcare organisations and medical device suppliers responsible for permanent electrical installation of medical devices and associated equipment in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy rooms/suites. This document replaces the electrical requirements of TRS 89, which are no longer valid. The editorial board included C P Lawinski (KCARE).

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New from IPEM: "Recommended Standards for the Routine Performance Testing of Diagnostic
X-Ray Imaging Systems" (IPEM Report 91).

This report replaces IPEM Report 77 and provides essential guidance for anyone responsible for diagnostic X-ray equipment. This document gives clear advice on which routine performance tests are essential and which are desirable, where to get information on how to do them, who should be doing them and how often they should be done. For many tests it also gives guidance as to when the results indicate further action should be taken. This second edition takes into account the introduction of new technologies in medical imaging including CR, DDR and image display devices.

"The Commissioning and Routine Testing of Mamographic X-Ray Systems"

Report 89 revises and updates "The Commissioning and Routine Testing of Mammographic X-Ray Systems" (IPEM Report 59). The emphasis of this report is on the optimisation and assessment of the system as a whole. The report includes a new chapter on the theory and technology of digital imaging. Other revisions have been made to incorporate the testing of X-ray units with automatic beam optimisation software, changes to the new standard breast model and to provide details on the methodology of image quality assessment. Authors include C P Lawinski (KCARE) and D S Evans (formerly KCARE).


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