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Cardiac Radiographer's Advisory Group (C.R.A.G.)

KCARE first held a Cardiac User Group meeting on 6th September 2001. At this meeting, it was decided that there was a need for cardiac radiographers to work together to promote best practice in their speciality. On 4th December 2001 the first meeting of what would become the Cardiac Radiographer's Advisory Group (C.R.A.G) was held. Lead cardiac catheter laboratory radiographers from various healthcare groups throughout England and members of KCARE attended this historic meeting. Since then, CRAG has gone from strength to strength.

CRAG now has a membership of 20, including Superintendent and Senior Radiographers from catheter laboratories. They come from specialised hospitals, tertiary centres and district general hospitals. KCARE continues to be represented at these meeting to disseminate information about our current evaluation activity and pertinent changes within the Device Evaluation Service (DES).

Generic Worker
CRAG has been instrumental in setting up the cardiac catheter laboratory Practitioner Project in response to the acute shortage of appropriately qualified non-medical staff to deliver cardiac catheter lab services. It is anticipated that multi-skilling the existing workforce and developing a new generic workforce can improve this situation.

Study days
CRAG has organised three very successful study days covering a range of exiting topics relevant to the effective running of cardiac catheter laboratories around the country.

CRAG aims to create awareness amongst NHS leaders of all cardiac catheter related issues. The groups' remit is to inform Cardiac Radiographers of current issues, e.g. advances in equipment/technology, government funding and skill mix.

CRAG objectives are: to set standards/competencies for cardiac radiography, to share information and experiences, to provide advice, to make recommendations and to further develop best practice.

Current projects
· Write X-ray specifications for District General Hospital Catheter Laboratories
· Multi-disciplinary team working
· Staff grading and job descriptions
· Implementation of IRMER
· Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs)
· Standards of Competencies

For information, please contact Donald Emerton.


Last Update: 13/02/2007